Alyson Sheppard is the fourth owner of longstanding Currumbin business Stitch & Print which has been part of the “fabric” of the Gold Coast business community for over 20 years.

Having set up a successful embroidery business on the northern Gold Coast, Alyson purchased the Stitch and Print business one year ago, where she continues to service the southern Gold Coast from Runaway Bay.

Specialising in embroidery and printing for a broad range of apparel, including caps, shirts, workwear, corporate uniforms and sports bags, Stitch & Print caters for orders as small as an individual item, up to large orders of several hundred.
While the embroidery side of the business keeps things busy for Alyson and her team, she continues to experiment and evolve.  Screen printing is increasing in popularity as a direct-to-garment printing option, but the rise of digital printing is also offered, including the relatively new method of sublimation.
Alyson knows the possibilities with digital printing are just beginning to take off, and he is experimenting with several ideas as the demand from within the market grows.
With dye sub and digital printing, whole images can be used, and there is no limitation on colours as there is with screen printing. As a result, Alyson has been working closely with local artists to design a unique range of printed products featuring an artist’s work.
It’s also a unique opportunity for artists to explore what they can do with their artwork on a different medium – from stubby coolers to cushions.
Despite the rise of new technology, Alyson believes the manual aspect of embroidery and printing cannot be replaced if quality is to be maintained.
Stitch & Print is located at 38 Morala Avenue, Runaway Bay, however, via personalised and commercial delivery we service the entire Gold Coast and have been supporting customers all over Australia. For any enquiries phone:  0417 740 529 or send an email using the form below.
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